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Fidelity National Title Group

The Six Fundamental Precepts

The cornerstone of Fidelity National Title Group's innovative management philosophy and operating success is based on the six fundamental precepts upon which the Company was founded:

  • Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
  • Bias for Action
  • Close Customer Relationships
  • Minimize Bureaucracy
  • Employee Ownership
  • Highest Standard of Conduct

At Fidelity National Title Group (a member of the Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF) family of companies), the security of our policyholders is always our main priority.  As the nation's largest title insurance company, FNF issues almost half of all title insurance policies in the U.S.  FNF is the industry leader in financial strength.  Our reserve for claims losses of $2.7 billion is more than twice that of any other title insurance competitor.  FNF's reserves and stockholders' equity combined provide $5.5 billion in protection for policyholders.  Additionally, FNF has a highly liquid investment portfolio of $4.7 billion.  Simply put, FNF provides unrivaled financial security and protection. 


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